Dr John Demartini says:

Jo and Steve Davison have created a truly remarkable event in The Blue Cow Summit. I am inspired to be part of it!


Dr Joe Dispenza says:

Whether you’re interested in wealth creation or creating a better you, there’s something here for everyone.


Andy Harrington says:

Jo and Steve Davison are all about transformation. In life, business and health. They encourage people to be the best they can be and The Blue Cow Summit is a manifestation of all of that."


Dr Fab Mancini says:  

Once in a while we come across an opportunity to go from where we are to where we want to be. The Blue Cow Summit is that opportunity. Let go of any excuses and join us at this transformational event. You are worth it!


Daniel Priestley says

Jo and Steve are knowledgable, high-achieving and entrepreneurial. They have assembled a world-class lineup of speakers who can deliver the insights and inspiration to succeed.


I can't wait to attend this year's Blue Cow Summit! Since last year's event there's been MASSIVE positive change for me. Not just in my business, but in my mindset, my health, my relationships - my life! Jo and Steve Davison are creative and inspiring mentors and there's NO WAY I'd miss the opportunity to spend more time with them and learn from the people who've helped them create their dream life. If you and anyone you know want more success, freedom, health and a life without limits then Blue Cow Summit is an absolute must! Don't miss out, buy your tickets TODAY!’

Lisa Andrews.Birmingham. 


This years blue cow summit cannot come around soon enough. Last years was so inspiring, unique and such a positive experience. Steve and Jo Davison are our business mentors and they have helped us so much to build a wonderful business with a team that love to come to work. Being part of the blue cow group/summit has helped me grow in business and in my personal life too. I have never had so much encouragement and support to aim high and achieve my goals

Paula Garcia.  Herts. 


Thank you Jo and Steve for creating this amazing, inspiring  opportunity. It's a fantastic two day line up. See you there! 

Andrea Butterfield.  Wokingham. 


I am so excited about this years Blue Cow summit. Not only am I going to learn some even more amazing things to complement my life, my health and my practice but also there's a great line up of presenters who are going to help us all strive towards financial freedom. Best of all I can't wait to meet one the inspirations in my life Dr Joe Dispenza. Last years summit was great but this year it is going to be amazing. Whatever you're planning drop it and don't miss out on this event. Go on give yourself a treat and come along to the Blue Cow Summit. 

Carl Irwin. London. 


Thanks so much for the great work: we can truly say we're transformed and are now following our dreams!  You guys are one in a million. No make that a billion.  Love you guys.  

Ed and Jo Groenhart.  Nottingham.