Dr. Joanna Martin is the Founder and Director of One of Many; an educational hub where women from all over the world converge through social, web, conferences and conviviums when they need to reconnect and commit to themselves.

Joanna is an Author. Ex-doctor. Entrepreneur. Sometime Actor.  Sister. Baby Wrangler. Personal Chef. The last 3 she has no professional training in, but does a pretty fine job nonetheless!

Joanna also happens to be an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator who has taught over 65,000 people on three continents. She is one of the world’s most successful and inspirational speakers having taken her own business from stand still to 7 figures, and two countries, in 12 months. She is widely regarded as a Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur, and general over-achiever!

She started her working life as a medical doctor, before a short stint at drama school. It was at drama school she first experienced personal transformation skills and speaking. After launching a small coaching practice in Sydney, Australia; it wasn’t long before she was travelling all over the world delivering breakthrough trainings to audiences of up to 3000 at a time.

Spend more than a moment with Joanna you will never forget her!  She is one of the most entertaining speakers in the field of women and business/life.

Nearing burn out, and falling in love, conspired to have her slow down and find a new way of doing things.

In 2008 Joanna and her husband Greg launched a speaker training business and within 12 months it had grown it to seven figures and two countries; whilst maintaining an enviable lifestyle.

It is Joanna’s odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off first class honours in medicine combined with her irreverent performer’s attitude (from Actor’s Centre training) that make her presentations and interviews truly unique and life-changing. She brings a quirky and feminine approach to an industry dominated by men.

The birth of Joanna’s son James triggered another evolution… resulting in new-found skills of teething relief, high level functioning despite lack of sleep, and a PhD in multitasking. 

Many hours spent breastfeeding in a darkened room untapped a new level of creativity and purpose that culminated in the creation of One of Many.  

What is One of Many?

Joanna isn’t the first to realize that as a woman we’re many things. Trying to be a good friend but more often a distant one; a loving mum but more often a tired one; an organised colleague, but more often a distracted one.

We commit ourselves to others, and sometimes you lose sight of a commitment to ourself.

Truly recognizing that women are not alone, but one of many, we realized that when many women get together, many great things happen. Funny that.

That’s why Joanna and her team are building a community of like-minded individuals. A place where women can create the change they want to see in their lives. Together.

Through social, web, conferences and conviviums worldwide, The One of Many team are building that One place, you go when you need to reconnect and commit to yourself.

Joanna looks forward to welcoming you into her community, and to shape and be shaped by you.