Welcome to The Blue Cow Summit 2016. The Blue Cow Summit is hosted by Jo and Steve Davison and is the premier business and lifestyle event in the UK. This year’s Blue Cow Summit will sell out, and we invite you to be part of an event that will undoubtedly TRANSFORM your thinking, your career, your business and - perhaps most importantly of all - will help you create the life of your dreams.  



Why Blue Cow?

Blue Cow is a children's TV show that used to be shown on the BBC channel Cbeebies. It's all about a cow - a blue cow - who is different from all the other cows in her field. She dreams of what exists in the world beyond. She's full of optimism, energy and curiosity. She's passionate and dynamic and full of life. Her brown cow colleagues are none of these things. When she tells them that she wants to be an astronaut, or compete in the Olympics or be a great ballet dancer, they look up from chewing the grass and say: 'Everyone knows cows can't do that!'

In every episode, Blue Cow ignores their scepticism and goes to the edge of her field where she catches a bus to wherever she needs to be to experience her longing for adventure. We (the audience) watch her fly to the moon, win gold medals in the Olympics, dance at the Royal Ballet and when she's done, she rushes back to her field and tells the brown cows all about her adventures. She's full of excitement and passion for what's just happened, but they continue to chew the grass. They say: 'She's off again! Everyone knows cows can't do that.' 

The narrator always ends a Blue Cow episode with the words:

'But we know they can!'


Jo and Steve loved Blue Cow when they were watching it with their kids. It was so much better than it needed to be. Multi layered with a very powerful message - to leave the field you have been grazing in for too long (in any area of life) and go and create a life you love. They used Blue Cow metaphors in their healthcare business and everyone in their team (and most of their clients) knew that theirs was a Blue Cow environment, and they were trying to do Blue Cow things in the world. When they created their seminar and mentoring business- Blue Cow came with them and became a massive part of what they do there.


All speakers are BLUE COWS! They are thought leaders, creatives, ideas men and women who make a difference to the world with either their powerful messages and strategies or their example. They have not settled, in fact they have all done the exact opposite! This is why Jo and Steve have brought them together for this unique event. Now you can hear their message too. And all in one place, in London, in February 2016.


We REALLY hope you'll join us!