Andy Harrington is founder of The Professional Speakers Academy where he coaches the worlds very best speakers. His video for the search term "Public Speaking" is THE number 1 on You Tube and Google. 

The company he started with a £10,000 loan in 1998 has gone on to pull in more than 52 million pounds in sales. 

He has spoken alongside luminaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Anthony Robbins, Bob Geldof, Brian Tracy, Paul McKenna and T Harv Eker, and Bob Proctor of The Secret. He has spoken to massive audiences at the UK's most prestigious venues such as The London o2 Arena, The ExCel Centre, and Wembley Conference Centre.

His 4 Day Public Speakers University is the most attended speaker course in the UK. He has personally coached the following industry leaders to perform better on stage: Simon Coulson, Daniel Wagner, Nick James and Chris Farrell (Internet) , Rob Moore, Simon Zutshi, Kevin Green and Glenn Armstrong (Property) Dan Bradbury, (Coaching) Mili Ponce, Paul O'Mahony, and Pete Bennett (Social Media) Lee Sandford, Greg Secker, Darren Winters and Marcus De Maria (Trading) Tom Breeze and Andy Frain (You Tube) and pretty much every well known speaker on the UK circuit. 

If you need to be seen as an expert and want to get your message out to a wider audience either on stage or on screen there is no one in the world better positioned to get you to the top than Andy Harrington.


Jo and Steve wanted to learn how best to get their message out to the world. Andy's techniques have helped them deliver their message all over the world. Whether you are looking to be more confident talking in front of small audiences or large - Andy will help you feel more confident and enable you to take your public speaking further than you thought possible! 


What will you learn from Andy Harrington?


To generate a powerful presence whilst remaining totally comfortable, confident and congruent on stage

✓To become an instant authority with your own custom designed unique branded solution. 

✓To take your audience on an epic adventure without leaving the room as you cleverly weave subtle messages into anecdotal stories that speak a deeper truth and lift our spirit
✓To go beyond simply delivering information and discover the secrets to facilitating a real and lasting transformation for your audiences around the world.