Who Should Attend The Blue Cow Summit?

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone who is interested in personal development and fulfilling your potential in life? maybe you love to be inspired by stories from successful people, or feel frustrated that your life seems to be in a rut. If so this event is for you.


Are you interested in:


  • Developing (or starting) a World-Class Business?

  • Taking Your Career To the Next Level?

  • Getting out of that Rut and Building a Dream Life and Career? 

  • Wealth Creation Strategies to secure your Financial Future?

  • Building A Personal Brand so that You (and your message) do not remain a well kept secret?

  • Writing a Book?

  • Developing Your Communication Skills so that You can Speak Confidently one-to-one or in front of an Audience? 

  • Optimum health in your Body and Mind so you can Live a Full and Vital Life?

  • Fulfilling Your Destiny and Living Your True Purpose?

  • Hearing from Successful People who Have Achieved great things in Business, Lifestyle, Wealth, Sports, Writing and Publishing? 

  • Or perhaps you just Love to Connect and Network with Like-Minded, Positive People?


If you can say yes to any of these, then The Blue Cow Summit is for you and you should not miss it. 


This year we have assembled a stunning line-up of speakers who are world class thought leaders, business men and women, health experts, financial and wealth experts, great achievers and creators. They have come to share with you their proven success strategies so that you can take your LIFE to the next level in 2016.


This is a CONTENT RICH event. Check out below the globally renowned authors and speaker who will be joining us this year. There has never been an event that has bought this line-up together on one stage! 

You won't want to miss it.

To see presentation titles and what you will learn from each speaker, check out our speaker tab at the top of this page.

Proud Sponsors
Do Less Get More - Shaa Wasamund
Dr John Demartini
How To Make One Hell Of A Profit And Still Get To Heaven
Daniel Priestley
The Entrepreneur Revolution
Dr John Demartini
- Inspired Destiny
Dr Fab Mancini
The Power of Self Healing
Dr Joanna Martin
Presentation Profits Blueprint
Sahar Hashemi
Anyone Can Do It
Jo and Steve Davison
Blue Cow and the Field Of Dreams - How to Break Free from the Herd and Make Your Mark On the Universe
Danny Crates
Danny Boy
Jo and Steve Davison
Crack It! 5 Steps to Creating Your WOW Chiropractic Practice
Mirela Sula
Don't Let Your Mind Go
Shaa Wasamund - Stop Talking, Start
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Who is The Blue Cow Summit NOT for?

We do not recommend you attend if:

  • You are not interested in growing your business or yourself

  • You do not like to learn from successful people

  • You are not interested in health, wealth, and living a dream life

  • Oh, and if you are happy to work on Friday 19th Feb and Sat 20th Feb rather than joining us and potentially changing your life forever...:-)  

Danny Crates

Danny Boy